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Hike to Heal

Hike to Heal Australia is a not for profit suicide prevention organisation inspiring communities to strengthen wellbeing while walking beside people dealing with mental ill health and suicide loss towards hope, healing and connection.

Hike to Heal Australia embraces and promotes the following simple mental wellbeing steppingstones

Who? What? When? Where? Why?

About Us

Hike to Heal Australia arose from a family tragedy.

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Will you
Hike to Heal? 

Life can throw mental, emotional, physical or spiritual challenges our way affecting our wellbeing and mental health. Hiking can help restore well-being by creating a connection with nature, fellow hikers and the present moment.  Join a Hike to Heal Scavenger Hike Event to boost your own well-being while helping to promote suicide prevention awareness and lend support to organisations providing much-needed mental health resources.

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